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Object Snap
Object Snap tools are available from the Object Snap toolbar ( View - Toolbars to enable). They allow for precise drawing within Autocad. For example, a rectangle could be drawn from the exact endpoint of an existing line by simply selecting the 'Snap to Endpoint' tool, or we could draw a line from the centrepoint of a circle using the 'Snap to Center' tool. In many cases, object snap avoids the need to draw construction lines, thus making it quicker and easier to create precise, accurate drawings.


The first point of the Rectangle above was drawn from the Endpoint of the 45 degree line.

The object snap tools can be used whenever a point has to be defined, which is in nearly every drawing command used! When we use the snap tools, a yellow marker will appear when the cursor is near a suitable snap point. A single left click of the mouse will automatically select the marked point.

Snap Tools

From left to right on the above toolbar screen shot (Note: Dependant on your version of Autocad, some snap settings may not be available).

Snap to Endpoint - This will select the endpoint of any line or polyline segment. Also works on 'closed' objects such as rectangles.

Snap to Midpoint - Very handy tool. This will select the mid-point of any line segment.

Snap to Intersection - Selects the exact point at which two lines cross.

Snap to Apparent Intersection - Similar to above, although the lines don't have to intersect. This snap requires you to select a line, then hover the cursor over any other line, the marker will let you select the point where the two lines would intersect if they were extended.

Snap to Extension - This snap tool enables you to select a point along the same orientation as an existing line, with a handy readout of the angle and position of the point (See screen shot below).

Snap to Center - This handy snap function selects the perfect centre of an existing circle. Even more impressive however is that the centurion of an arc or semi-circle can also be selected.

Snap to Quadrant - Snap to the four quadrant points of a circle (Top, bottom, left and right).

Snap to Tangent - As it says, snaps to the tangent point of an arc.

Snap to Perpendicular - Snaps to the the perpendicular point on an object from the original start point. Pretty straightforward, and very useful.

Snap to Parallel - Snaps parallel to a specified line.

Snap to Insert - Snaps to the insert point of an object, such as an inserted block. Not really that useful.

Snap to Node - Snaps to points drawn using the POINT command.

Snap to Nearest - Should be called snap to anything! Quite literally will snap to anywhere along any length of any object. Can be useful though while 'sketching' with Autocad, or perhaps laying down a few construction lines.

Object snap settings - Snap settings.

Object snap can be toggled to be permanently on or off via the OSNAP tab situated to the bottom of the CAD window above the Windows start menu. Alternatively simply press F3 to toggle.

To change which snap functions are to be used, either right click the OSNAP tab and select 'settings', or select the object snap settings button from the Object Snap toolbar.

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