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Text can be added to an Autocad drawing to create notes and labels on your drawings. There are two different text commands used to add text to drawings: Text and Mtext.

The text command is a simple way to add basic text notes. The height and rotation of the text can be quickly specified and the text can be viewed on the drawing while being typed.
Try adding a small piece of text in a new drawing using the text command:

1) Enter the command text into the command console then hit return

2) When prompted for a start point, select somewhere in the screen just left of centre

3) When asked for a height, enter 3

4) When asked for a rotation angle, hit enter to accept the default of 0.

5) Now simply enter your text. Type: Autocad Central then hit return to start a new line
Type: Lesson 8

6) Hit return twice to exit the text command.

The text should be on two separate lines as shown below:

Try selecting the text. Notice how each line is separately selectable and independent of the previous line? Although the text command is simple to use, as each line is separately editable, modifying notes on a drawing can become a nightmare! This text type is called single line text.

Multiline Text
Multiline text is the more advanced text tool within Autocad. It can be chosen from the 'draw' toolbar by this icon: .
The multiline text command has its own editor, with all the options available that you'd expect to see in a word processing program. Also, all text on separate lines is treated together, so editing notes and sentences is simple.

1) Select the multiline command button

2) We are prompted to select a first corner then second corner. This invisible boundary sets the horizontal extent of the text. When text is entered into the multiline text editor, it will automatically start a second line when it comes to the edge of the text box we specified. Similar to getting to the right hand margin in a text editor. Select a box roughly a quarter of the drawing area.

3) The Multiline Text Editor then appears:

The main character tab of the text editor box is where we choose the font style, text height, colour and also add symbols such as diameter or degrees symbols.
The Properties tab is where we can change the text rotation and paragraph justification settings.

Change the text style to 'Arial'.

4) Set text height to 3

5) Enter the following text into the text editor window: Autocad Central

6) Hit enter for a new line, then enter: Lesson 8

7) Press the ok button to place the text into the drawing (The text placement will be justified as set in the properties-justification setting in the text editor, relative to the text area box we selected in step 1)

Notice how when the text is selected, it is treated as one entity rather than separate lines? This makes it much easier and quicker to edit. To edit the text in the drawing area, simply double click the text with the cursor to open up the text editor.

Text in Autocad is treated like every other object, it can be rotated, mirrored, exploded, moved layers etc.

When setting the text height, it is important to remember that it is relative to the units you are using. For example, if you decide that 1 Autocad unit is equal to a metre, then setting a text height of 3 would result in 3m high text, and would tower over the drawing! A text size of somewhere around 0.02 would probably be more appropriate. When first using text, a small amount of trial and error is required to get the text height to a suitable size. Try to aim for a text height which measures between 2 and 3mm in paperspace for general notes.

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